De-risking clinical development
Data science solutions for decision-makers in R&D and Business Development

Our suite of products focuses on de-risking clinical development decisions.

Intelligencia has built-for-purpose capabilities to support decision making across clinical development, Portfolio Strategy, and Business Development.

Our cloud-based AI platform has been enabling seamless integration, ongoing support, and sustained impact for some of the world's preeminent pharmaceutical and biotech companies.


iNsight, Intelligencia's proprietary data cube, integrates structured and unstructured data from a host of data sources.
Our subject matter experts curate our data in order to ensure the highest possible quality and accuracy.





Built flexibly, our infrastructure also allows the ingestion of client data, as well as data from third party providers.

What we do

Decision-making support solutions driven by data science


Evaluate the probability of success of a clinical development program

Clinical development has, historically, a success rate of ~10%. We utilize Machine Learning models to assess the probability of technical and regulatory success (PTRS) of an asset at any stage of clinical development, across Phases 1-3. Our AI algorithms estimate the PTRS of an asset with impressive predictive accuracy. Further, we interpret the reasons behind our estimates and provide insights into the drivers (positive or negative) of the PTRS.


Discover nascent opportunities

Identifying high-value, high-quality assets as early as possible, is critical. Across a broad range of interest areas (e.g., specific diseases, mechanisms of action, targets, etc.) Intelligencia’s platform enables our users to track trends in the pre-clinical and clinical level of activity, and identify patterns across emerging areas of innovation.


Evaluate optimal indications for a target

We assess targets and indications without bias. Our target-indication assessment module is grounded on biology, applying Machine Learning algorithms across relevant biological and scientific data. We therefore enable scientists and business development professionals to select the optimal indications for given targets, assess a drug's potential in depth, and identify white space opportunities for select targets and indications.


Discover insights

At the core of our platform is a comprehensive relational database that organizes the world’s preclinical and clinical data. The success of a clinical development program is driven by multiple factors, so we have invested heavily in the foundations, such as drug biology and scientific data. At the same time, we have brought together several additional expertly curated data: clinical trial design, clinical outcomes, regulatory pathways, and company characteristics.